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The aim of Jo Jingles is to encourage learning and development through fun and structured classes. All of our sessions feature educational themes and a variety of activities to suit all children’s learning styles.

Everyone at Jo Jingles is incredibly excited and geared up ready to go. September 7th 2015 cannot come around quickly enough for Jo as that is when  classes begin again and they can have lots of fun with all our gorgeous Jinglers!

Due to the increasing demand for places and for your convenience Jo Jingles have added some NEW baby classes in lots of different venues to their timetable, so you will never have to travel too far with your precious little one.

It is widely recognised that singing and active music making with young children can help aid development in many areas other than just musical appreciation.

Jo Jingles have some fantastic trained presenters who really love their jobs. They absolutely adore children and can get quite emotional when they see the progress they make in the classes.

Jo Jingles classes support and follow the EARLY YEARS FOUNDATION STAGE ONE and their programmes have been specially adapted and developed by experienced teachers.

Jo Jingles will help your little ones to develop:

Communication & Language

♫ Listening Skills

♫ Numeracy Skills

♫ Physical Development

♫ Creativity & Imagination

♫ Memory

♫ Personal Social & Emotional Development

Jo Jingles never ever forget that the main aim is that the children have fun, lots and lots of fun. Mums, Dads and grandparents are encouraged join in too, many don’t have to be asked twice!

If you are a Lincoln Mums card holder you receive 10% off the total cost of your half term’s fees. You will also receive 10% off any merchandise purchase.

For class timetables check out their Facebook page or contact Jo below.

Sarah: 07547 622842




The experts view:

Dr Miriam Stoppard, Child Psychologist
“A child is more confident, usually speaks early and gains an early grasp of the rules of communication if started early in clapping games, group activities and musical games”

Professor John Sloboda, Keele University
“Singing songs to your child widens their vocabulary and improves listening skills, both of which make learning to read easier”

Professor Gordon Shaw, University of California, Irvine
“Music helps children to learn maths. When children learn rhythm, they are learning ratios, fractions and proportions”


Extracts from Ofsted Report on Jo Jingles, South Worcestershire
“The quality and standards of the nursery education are outstanding.”

”Young children develop excellent communication skills. They have great fun as they take part in a ‘Jo Jingles’ music session. They join in the words and actions of favourite songs such as ‘My head, my shoulders, my knees, my toes’ with great enthusiasm. They identify pictures of animals and learn what noises they make and split into groups representing each animal. Staff maintain children’s attention well with use of a puppet for each group to represent their animal. Children sing the ‘Ride in the country’ song and join in with the animal noises for their own group.”




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