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‘I used to be really confident in what I did, but after a break for children, I feel like I’m not good enough to go for the jobs I really want anymore.’

‘I used to love this job and was convinced that it would be the right fit for me coming back after maternity leave.  But it isn’t.  I still want to work, but this fit isn’t right for my family.’

‘I’ve worked hard all my career and now I realise that I want to work as hard at my family life.  But I don’t know how I go about re balancing things without losing everything that I’ve worked for.’

You are not alone if any of these ring a bell.  It’s hard work figuring out how you can balance family and work and as more and more parents are finding out, there is no one right answer.  What works for someone else doesn’t necessarily work for you and what worked for you five years ago (even one year ago!) doesn’t always continue to work.

Coaching can help you find your answers to your best family and work life.

If you want to start getting yourself back on track right away, email with the subject line ‘Lincoln Mums’ for your FREE downloadable worksheet to help you figure out where you are now and where you want to be.

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bright rebel coaching offers coaching sessions at Central Wellness (LN3 4NL) and The Social Care Exchange (LN6 3JY), but can also arrange a venue to suit you.  All coaching is about you so if what suits you is a walk around a gallery, a meander through a busy town or a park bench somewhere quiet, we’ll make it happen.  Founder, Angharad Boyson, is passionate about helping people achieve their full potential.  After a career in the RAF and a background in Occupational Psychology, coaching seems a good fit to help people figure out how to become their best selves.  No matter where you are stuck, bright rebel can help you get moving in your right direction.

Coaching costs £90 for a one-off session of 90 minutes, with packages available at discounted rates.  Mention Lincoln Mums and get 10% off any coaching session or package.

Visit, email or follow us on Facebook and Instagram as bright rebel coaching.

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