The enjoyment and well being of our youngest visitors is a top priority for the Holly Tree team, and underpins our ethos. We want them to be able to thrive and have fun exploring, not only our Baby Room, equipped with a wide range of equipment and toys, but also our soft play frame and sensory outdoor garden too. In order to do this, they require oodles of energy, and that comes from wholesome, healthy food and snacks. It is even better if such food is lovingly homemade and tailored specifically to babies that are weaning and beyond.

The Holly Tree team  have created a dedicated baby menu for our cafe. Snacks and meals that we freshly prepare daily using locally sourced ingredients, suitable for babies at all stages of weaning and beyond. Our menu includes home made smooth mashed potato, pureed fresh fruit, crunchy or soft vegetable crudities and toast fingers, perfect for small hands to begin self feeding. Our menu then progresses to pureed home made dinners, including spaghetti bolognese and macaroni cheese, perfect for bigger appetites. Then, once old enough, our Children’s menu, which contains many tasty dishes, will most certainly be a hit, visit after visit.

We consulted a nutritionist and dietician whilst planning our meals and snacks as we wanted to ensure the balance was just right for your little ones. As parents ourselves we knew how important it was to consult parents and carers about their thoughts and requests, many said that in the majority of trips out, they had to either take their own baby food, or purchase baby food pouches or jars, which many were reluctant to do but did so purely out of necessity. We also discovered how difficult it was to order food that catered to babies, including vegetarians, vegans and those with specific dietary requirements. That is why we offer dairy free spread, dairy free cheese, gluten free bread, several vegan and vegetarian babies and children’s options as well as a range of milk alternatives. To make life a little bit easier, we also provide free bibs, have a wide range of feeding plates, bowls and cutlery and have bottle warming facilities.



Mitch Sills (Director) said: “I am so excited that we are able to offer such a fantastic, diverse and much needed menu for even our smallest visitors to enjoy every time they visit ”


For further information, please contact Laura Breen on 01522 790275 or log onto http://softplaylincoln.co.uk


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