Ladybugs fitness, isn’t all about classes, they also provide individual home based physiotherapy treatments.

Cathy is a qualified physiotherapist, she did her rotation within the hospital trust, she specialise’s in musculo-skeletal conditions (outpatients). She is also qualified in manipulation and acupuncture.

As well as running ladybugs fitness classes and physiotherapy Cathy also lectures physiotherapy at degree level within Lincolnshire.

Ladybugs fitness physiotherapy specialises in women’s health. After having a baby it can feel like you have a new body.

Through physiotherapy she can help with rehabilitation of the pelvic floor (there are many devices that can help and monitor the progress). Treatment for the gapping of the abdominals (diastasis recti).  Ladybugs fitness can also help and treat pain through pregnancy things such as pelvic braces, pelvic taping and acupuncture.

Ladybugs Fitness is not only for mums you can see Cathy for anything from, repetitive strain injury to back pain and muscle strain.

Cathy offers home visits so there is no need to worry about sorting childcare as she can come to you.

There are clinic appointments available to book online and then Cathy will contact you. You can also contact Cathy on her mobile to discuss booking a time that is good for you.

When booking don’t forget to mention your Lincoln Mums membership card to receive 20% off your assessment.

Visit the Ladybugs Fitness website for more in depth information and prices of treatments.

T: 07587246542