Music Bugs

Music Bugs is a great class to go to! It’s really interactive keeping the children engaged from start to finish.


There are soft mats on the floor for children to play on where they can access toys and musical instruments and circular mats are placed around the edge in a circle for mums, dads and the children to sit on.


Each class is started with the hello song and ends with the goodbye Music Bugs song. All of the classes include different songs, so the children are always surprised and never know what is coming next.


During a typical session, you can expect lots of songs, knee bouncers, finger play rhymes, nursery rhymes, action and sharing songs with plenty of props to play with including musical instruments, puppets and hobby horses.


Singing is a great aid to language development – children love to sing and the sillier the song, the better. Singing is a fantastic way to boost early language skills and encourages important elements of language development.


You will notice that when a piece of music is played, a baby or toddler will sway, nod or bounce to the beat. Music Bugs classes are a great place to let them explore these new movements in a fun and safe environment.


Contact Sarah Parkinson for more information about Music Bugs in Lincolnshire:



T: 0844 578 1015