Toks Aruoture – nursery interior designer and owner of The Baby Cot Shop gives us some tips on planning a nursery that will grow with your child.

A Nursery that Grows with your Child

Decorating your baby’s nursery ranks highly amongst the most memorable projects you as a parent will get involved in.

Many parents choose to design their baby’s nursery to grow with their child, but it can be challenging doing so when a lot of nursery décor are fraught with pastels or worse, characters and primary colours that seem to shout loudly at you.

When designing your nursery, start with the end in mind. Your nursery has to be functional as well as beautiful, so before purchasing furniture think about safety and function but also style. What other activities that will take place in there?  Also think about your nursery from a long term perspective too and how you will make the transition from nursery to child’s room.

There are a few tricks that would ensure your nursery will still be functional as a toddler’s bedroom.


Toddler bedChoose a cot bed over a cot. The size difference is 10cm for the width and 20cm more lengthwise. If space allows, this is a better option as you can convert your cot into a toddler bed. Also when transition time comes it will be less daunting as your toddler stays in the bed they’ve always known. Toddler beds are much lower and closer to the ground than single beds so that reduces the worry of falling out. Some cot beds do also come with removable guardrails which greatly help with the transition.

Other dual purpose furniture includes changing units that have a removable changing top set atop a chest of drawers. This gives its use longevity and it carries on being used as a chest of drawers long after baby outgrows the nursery.

Nursery gliders allow you to bond with your child and feed comfortably, why not choose to have it upholstered in a neutral fabric or even in the same fabric as your living furniture? It will carry on giving hours of relaxation anywhere in the home. The most flexible, albeit expensive option is to have bespoke nursery furniture made.

Nursery Linens

Bella-Girls-Bedding-shabby-chicSome companies sell complete nursery linen sets, this will include baby bumper, sheets, blankets and cot bed duvet cover. Bespoke nursery linens made from luxurious fabrics includes bumper, sheets, cot valance, curtains, duvet cover, etc. These pieces made with carefully chosen fabrics will last many years. The trick is to go for muted designs as opposed to obvious character themes. You will quickly find out that your toddler changes his or her mind almost as frequently as the British weather! In addition you want them to develop their own style and preferences.


If your preferred colour is a deep colour but your space is small, tone it down to a softer shade in the same colour palette. Bold colours pull the walls in and make a small space feel even smaller. The reverse is also true; lighter colours make the walls recede. Use the deep colours as accents rather than the main.

Painted wall murals are expensive but completely transform an ordinary room into a fairy tale world. Choose to go with more generic murals like scenery as opposed to very obvious themes like cherubs- which we love by the way! You can later have characters painted into the scene. A less expensive option is to use wall stickers; these can be easily replaced when your child gets older.

Nursery Accessories

Now that the mainframe of your nursery is formed, add the finishing touches to your design. Decorative accessories like a rug, beautiful lighting, artwork, decals, clocks, etc. all place a stamp on your baby’s space. Why not personalise it with a favourite item? An old picture of you growing up in a pretty antique or modern frame, seashells collected from family holidays, heirloom items like your own baby comb all make the space unique and beautiful. Painted letters and framed names are fabulous and give your child a sense of pride and identity.


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