Rachel is based in Washingborough, Lincoln and offers treatments of Reiki, Mindfulness, Massage and Wellbeing sessions. She is a fully qualified Complementary Therapist and Holistic Health Practitioner who previously worked as an Insurance Manager in London; a burnt out corporate worker, suffering intense stress! She remained in the insurance industry for 16 years, before discovering Holistic Health.  Rachel says “The changes I discovered were so profound, I completely changed my life!  I now help others, giving them the tools to improve both their mental and physical health. ”

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“My treatments are not just for grown-ups! Our little ones can suffer with anxiety and stress too; especially when facing the challenges of school, friendship groups and exam times.  Growing up can be a daunting and overwhelming experience, with anxiety showing in many ways; worry, low confidence, night terrors, tantrums, naughty behaviour, tummy aches and headaches.  As a Child, I suffered anxiety and obsessive-compulsive disorder; which continued and added depression to the mix, as I entered adulthood.  I suffered low self-esteem and was very poorly with ME and chronic IBS.  My childhood experience, inspired me to introduce treatments, exclusively for Children; Mindful Kids and Reiki Babies.”

Babies and Children are little sponges when it comes to Reiki and it can benefit Mum too.  Reiki calms Baby and helps with sleep, colic and reflux.  Reiki eases night terrors, tantrums and helps children to cope with the challenges faced at school.  If you have a new baby, why not try the Mum & Baby treatment.  You both receive Reiki at the same time, resulting in a relaxing, bonding experience.  Mum can also, come on her own and enjoy this treatment.  Reiki relaxes on a deep level and for new mums, rebalances hormonal fluctuations and emotions.  This is particularly effective for Mums suffering post-natal depression.

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Mindfulness is extremely effective for children and we are now seeing the introduction of Mindfulness in many schools.  Rachel offers one to one sessions, for parents, to learn the symptoms and causes of stress and anxiety.  You are then given exercises, to use with your children at home.  You are welcome to return, with your little one, to go through the exercises with them.  The Mindfulness exercises are specifically designed for Children and you will learn how to incorporate these, into your daily routine.

You can help them, to put all their worries, on a big red bus and watch it drive away.

Lincoln Mums  card holders receive 10% off all treatments and 20% off their first Mindful Kids session.

Contact Rachel for more info on 07885 252726;  by email at reikibyrachel@outlook.com and on her website www.reikibyrachel.co.uk


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