TinyTalk baby signing classes: helping your little one find a voice! Fun and interactive classes designed to help develop communication skills and motor control in little ones from 0-preschool through singing, signing and sensory activities.

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As a parent it can feel frustrating to hear your little one cry yet not be able to work out what your child needs, but the great news is TinyTalk baby signing classes can help your child start communicating before they can talk!

From an early age a baby’s understanding often outreaches their ability to communicate. Early on (around 4-8 months) babies start linking words to objects, but their vocal cords, tongue and mouth muscles are not developed and coordinated enough to start to talk and be understood until they are approximately 12-18 months old.

By building on gestures used as a natural part of language and teaching some simple signs from British Sign Language, TinyTalk baby signing classes can help young babies start to express their wants and needs (or even their excitement at seeing lots of ducks in the park!) before they are able to vocalise their thoughts!


With different themes each week, TinyTalk baby signing classes encourage and support children’s speech and language understanding and expression through songs, signs, sensory activities,  books and musical instruments.  Being able to communicate is fundamentally important to our well-being and it is never too early to start, here at TinyTalk Lincoln we stage our classes so that they are appropriate from birth to preschool.

Words are always spoken at the same time as signing so that the child can make the link between the object or emotion and the spoken word and the sign. This helps bridge the gap between understanding and being able to communicate, providing the child with the opportunity for early communication skills and, rather than replacing speech, gives them the building blocks on which to structure their developing spoken language.

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In our toddler classes signs still play a valuable supporting role, however we include more active play and speech based learning and have a class focus of communicational and behavioural ‘etiquette’, encouraging teamwork, conversational turn-taking and of course that elusive concept of ‘sharing!’



Classes are held in Lincoln weekly during term time, with special additional holiday sessions throughout the year. Classes currently run on Thursdays and Fridays

Classes currently start at as little as £4.50 per session when booked termly and with a Lincoln mums card you can now get 20% off your first terms fees!

To get in touch:

Email: julisas@tinytalk.co.uk

Phone: 07920 055281

Facebook: TinyTalk baby signing Lincoln and Gainsborough


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