Whether you’re an anxious mum-to-be, a dad struggling with a fretful toddler or a parent worried about an older child’s headaches – chiropractic care could put you on the road to a happier future.

Epoch, Lincoln’s newest chiropractic centre is an oasis of calm. It has been set-up by Directors chiropractor Dr Tom Waller and his partner Sarah Maplethorpe and they are passionate about helping families to achieve the best of health and fulfil their potential.


Dr Tom and Sarah, who is centre director, are delighted to be based at the heart of the community on Lincoln’s Birchwood Shopping Centre and using their expertise to help everyone from newborn babies to great-grandparents – often at the same time!


One of their top priorities is to dispel any misconceptions that people may have that this holistic practice is all about “cracking the bones” or using heavy pressure, when in most cases it only requires a light touch.


Epoch is light and spacious, with a calming ambience and non-clinical air. Modern and bright, its design reflects Dr Tom and Sarah’s enthusiasm. The décor is highlighted with eye-catching statements underlining what chiropractic is really about – helping the body to heal itself.


The Epoch team offer patients a warm welcome and directs them into the waiting area, with its cheery cushions, bowl of fresh fruit and dispenser of fruit-infused water. A large blackboard and children’s stools instantly make youngsters feel at home.


An individual’s chiropractic care starts with an “orientation,” to learn more about chiropractic and their journey.


“Orientation sounds complicated, but the term simply covers the process of explaining chiropractic to patients, telling them how they will be assessed and how we make “adjustments” to the body,” said Sarah, who is also training to be a chiropractor.

After a “warm-up” on the wobble cushions, Dr Tom invites regular patients into the open plan adjusting area, where there are three couches. These are great when family members attend together, because they can enjoy a shared experience.


Epoch also has a private consultation room and state-of-the-art, same-day, digital X-ray facilities and spinal scanners developed by NASA. Reports are produced within days, without a patient having to visit another professional for their results.


So how does chiropractic work and why is it suitable for everyone, from the mum-to-be to a baby or older child?

Dr Tom, an international speaker who hosts talks and takes the chiropractic message out to community groups and businesses, is happy to explain.

“The brain and spinal cord control every function in the body. Any misalignment in the spine – which protects those two areas which are in continual communication – can have dramatic effects,” he said.

“The technical term for any misalignment is subluxation. Wherever this occurs, it will knock the body out of kilter, physically or otherwise. When I make adjustments, I relieve interference on the nervous system and help the body to start healing itself.

“Chiropractic adjustments are gentle enough to help prepare a pregnant woman for a more positive labour and a natural birth. Mothers often find labour to be a calmer and quicker experience after regular chiropractic care through pregnancy.

A newborn might be affected by a traumatic birth, if their skull and spine are misaligned. Chiropractic adjustments relieve pressure on the nervous system.

“I have helped one-day-old babies, but the most pressure used is no more than that of putting a finger on the shell of an uncooked egg,” said Dr Tom.

Epoch Lincoln offer £10 off new patient appointments for Under 16s – please mention or show your Lincoln Mums card when booking.

(this can not be used in conjunction with any other offer, it can not be exchanged for cash on any other services/products. Epoch Lincoln has the right to refuse the offer).

Unit 28, Birchwood Shopping Centre, Birchwood Avenue, Lincoln



Call 01522 681100

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