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Doodle Dance classes introduce ballet to boys and girls aged 6 months to 6 years.

The 30 minute classes use props and familiar music to keep little ones focused and entertained. The main feature is FUN – if children enjoy what they are doing, they will want to learn more. Accompanying adults stay in the lesson (and partake if needed!) giving children the security and confidence to participate and also offering valuable one-on-one time with your little dancer in a stress-free, happy environment.

The lesson plans are designed specifically for the age range and ability of the class. Our ages are guidelines as we understand that each child is unique so we are able to be flexible and appreciate every child’s needs. We want to offer every child the chance to dance regardless of ability or background and prove that every customer (child & adult) are valuable to us.

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Dance classes offer so many benefits including confidence, independence, improved focus and concentration, listening skills, perseverance and strength. Children gain these additional life skills whilst learning ballet basics. Our teachers believe that children will listen to us if they feel listened to so communication is a big feature in our lessons. With a maximum of 14 children, the classes are intimate but social which allows our teachers to give help and support individually.

Body awareness is a good thing for children to learn but in a positive manner. This is why we do not have any uniform rules as some children do not feel comfortable in leotards etc. We want children to feel relaxed and confident in their environment and encourage little ones to wear whatever they want to (within reason!).

We also do not do any shows or exams – these are great for some little dancers but not all enjoy the limelight and pressure. Lots of children have started their dance journey with us then progressed to formal ballet schools for their next step i.e. Exams etc.

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Miss Sarah originally opened Doodle Dance in Manchester in 2010. After moving to Lincoln in October 2017, she has now reopened the business here. As a mum of two herself, she understands a parent’s perspective and has been described as ‘the right level of crazy’! Our classes are now available, during term time, at venues across Lincoln with the first trial class being FREE! If you have any questions whatsoever, please don’t hesitate to ring Miss Sarah on 07843 715215. SPREAD THE WORD – THE WORD IS DOODLE!!!!

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