Music Bugs classes launched in Lincoln, Sleaford and surrounding areas at the end of October 2017 and with the New Year beginning, owner, Charlie Bailie is excited about what the New Year brings!


‘Music Bugs is such great fun for little ones and their parents or carers from birth until they start school! Our sessions are lively, interactive and of course full of music! I have loved my first term delivering Music Bugs classes in the Lincoln and Sleaford area and there are lots of lovely sessions on the horizon for this year!’

Charlie is a qualified teacher and before launching Music Bugs, taught in Primary schools for nine years. She is also a busy mummy to three young children.

Participating in a pre-school music and singing class encourages many important developmental skills for children suggests Charlie Bailie, Music Bugs Lincoln. ‘Music and singing classes are much more than just a ‘musical experience’ as children learn and develop a range of important skills that will help to equip them for school and beyond’.


Language and communication skills – singing songs is a fantastic way to boost early language skills and encourages important elements of language development such as auditory discrimination (the ability to detect similarities and differences when listening to sounds).


Numeracy skills – number songs introduce children to the concept of counting. Singing counting songs with children helps them to recognise numbers, patterns and sequences within their immediate environment.

Fine and gross motor control and coordination – young children use movement and sensory exploration to link up with their immediate environment and toddlers are biologically driven to use their bodies to develop their physical skills.


Sensory experiences – Children utilise 4 main ‘processes’ to engage and interact with their environment: Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic and Tactile. Music classes provide children with the opportunity to be constantly seeing, hearing, touching and ‘doing’ – an all-round sensory experience for children.


Confidence, social skills and independence – Music and singing classes help children to start making decisions for themselves within a safe and informal environment. We encourage children to select their own instrument from the tub for example, but also allow them to develop their own preferences and give them the freedom to move around, explore and interact with other children and parents.


Music Bugs classes are great fun with lots of wonderful activities and props to engage children and keep them entertained. Suitable for babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers, our classes encourage children to develop and socialise at their own pace. Expect traditional nursery rhymes, silly songs, action songs, knee bouncers and finger play rhymes as well as puppets, hobby horses, bubbles, pom poms, parachutes, teddies, chiffon carves, rhythm sticks and lots of wonderful percussion instruments.


Contact Charlie Bailie on 0844 412 8150 or email for details of classes running in Dunholme, Navenby, Sleaford, Witham St. Hughs and Lincoln.


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