We know that 80% of all communicable diseases are transmitted by touch. Introducing Q Shield™ into the daily routine of your family will give you the confidence that common viruses will not be picked up on hands at nursery, school or the playground. This means they are not transferring them from surface to surface or person to person during the day or when they come home.  A robust hand hygiene procedure is the single most effective way you can prevent the spread of infection in and outside the home, so we would always recommend frequent hand washing to remove any surface dirt or debris.

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Q Shield™ Skin Care

Many of us choose to use hand sanitizers to protect ourselves from the unseen bacteria we encounter every day. The most common hand sanitizers are alcohol gels. It is widely known that these gels do not kill all types of bacteria – norovirus for example is totally resistant to alcohol gels – and they will only kill when applied. This basically means that the next thing you touch re-contaminates your hands with bacteria.

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Q Shield™ is a persistent hand sanitizer. This means it kills bacteria after application and continues to kill bacteria every time you touch something. It creates an anti-microbial barrier on your skin which will keep working for 24 hours, protecting you no matter where you are and what you touch. You can’t sterilize every room you enter or everything you touch but choosing a persistent hand sanitizer means you don’t have to.

Q Shield™ Skin Care is believed to have the widest kill spectrum of any persistent hand sanitizer. It kills many types of bacteria, viruses and fungi including the Flu virus, Scarlet Fever, Measles, Norovirus, MRSA, Mumps, E Coli, Listeria, Salmonella, C Difficile, TB and the fungus that causes verruca’s and warts.

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Q Shield™ Surface Care

Bacteria enter our homes in the air. They are also carried in on our skin, clothes, hair and shoes. So, if you live in a house with other people, each additional person increases the number of bacteria in the house brought in from outside. And that’s only the start, your kitchen and bathroom create conditions that allow bacteria to thrive, they also generate bacteria. This means that the more people using the kitchen and bathroom the more bacteria is being generated and the better the conditions being created for bacteria to thrive.

Cleaning with standard multi-surface cleaners in these circumstances may remove some of the bacteria, but within 10 minutes of cleaning new bacteria has already started to grow. It will continue to multiply until the next time you clean.


Q Shield™ Surface Care is a persistent multi-surface cleaner. This means that it kills bacteria on application and continues to kill bacteria that contact the surface. It creates an invisible anti-microbial barrier on the surface which keeps working for up to 28 days, preventing the growth of new bacteria and killing any bacteria that touch it.

Persistent multi-surface cleaners are strongly recommended for use by vulnerable groups; babies, young children, the elderly and immunocompromised children and adults are at increased risk from everyday bacteria which weaken their natural defenses.

Q Shield™ Surface Care is used in hospitals, schools and medical clinics; it can be applied to hard surfaces and soft furnishings, maintaining its kill for up to 28 days.

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