Welcome to the magical experience of Water Sprites, where the swimming journey for your baby and toddler begins!

Swimming in 3 beautiful locations, Nettleham, Girton and Caistor. At Water Sprites you can bond with your little one in a fun and loving approach to swimming lessons that helps to ensure your child is confident and content in the water.

Learning to swim is such an individual experience. As a parent, only you know that little Isabelle has loved water since her first bath, but hates getting her hair wet. And that Toby seems confident but doesn’t like pool noodles. At Water Sprites, I understand this; I know that every child comes to their first swimming lesson with their own likes and dislikes, strengths and concerns, and that every child will take to swimming in their own way. In fact, I’m so committed to the individual experience at Water Sprites that it’s influenced the way I run the business! Babies and toddlers up to the age of four can develop important swimming skills and a love of the water through play and discovery, games and singing, and above all spending quality time with you.



Taking some precious time to bond with your little one is a learning and loving experience, and what better way to reinforce your bond than by sharing a magical swimming journey that they will carry with them forever. We have lessons running at 3 venues across Lincoln and Newark in Caistor, Girton(Only 10 mins from Doddington,Whisby etc)and Nettleham. All our pools are clean, warm and inviting and lessons are taught by highly trained and insured teachers. Let us introduce you and your little Water Sprite to an enchanting underwater swimming world and discover their magical water wings!


As part of your Lincoln Mums membership you will receive a free Happy Nappy on signing up for a full term of lessons with Water Sprites at either of our 3 locations.

Please mention this offer when signing up.

Email: Liz@watersprites.co.uk or visit us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/ watersprites.co.uk/ or on our website http://www.watersprites.co.uk/

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