Water Babies is the UK’s number 1 baby swim school; teaching over 50,000 children each week across the world. We have a number of pools in and around the Lincolnshire area and we teach every day of the week! Our aim is to teach you, to teach your baby to swim through a highly specialised training programme that’s both gentle and super fun! Our teachers are the most qualified teachers in the world and are the only ones with diplomas in baby swimming, and that teach a programme that is endorsed by the national governing body for swimming – Swim England.



We are a gold accredited member of The Children’s Activities Association and we want to engage babies with physical activity from the youngest possible age, encouraging them to develop muscle tone, use their bodies positively, and enjoy exercise. Hopefully, they’ll carry this with them throughout their lives, growing into healthy adults who will do the same for their children.



Our professional lessons also strive to deliver the opportunity for our clients & their little ones to develop self-esteem, parental bonding, and social skills — as well as a way to help head off any fear of water, teach potentially life-saving skills and build a healthy attitude to physical activity, all while having an enormous amount of fun!


We know how overwhelming it can be trying to ensure you have the right things when starting a new activity with your baby or toddler, so we are making it as simple as possible! Quote ‘Lincoln Mums’ when enquiring with us and we’ll send you a free Happy Nappy (a snuggly-fitted pair of swimming shorts) to wear in the water. When you’ve confirmed your place on one of our courses, we’ll ensure you have your nappy ready for your first lesson!

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Enquire online for lessons at https://www.waterbabies.co.uk/ask-about-classes/linconshire


Email us at swimyourbaby@waterbabies.co.uk, or give us a call on 01909 776660.

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