Hey mums, it is time to take care of you!

Mothers are brilliant at looking after others and despite what any expert might tell you, innately know what is best for your children and your family.

However mothers also take very little time to look after themselves and without judgement, put their children and their family first. This is brilliant, and as grown up children are certainly thankful that our mothers did that for us._1GM8834-min



But there must be a better way? Unfortunately I often see unwell, uncomfortable and unhappy mothers who have given so much that they are at the point of not being able to give much more.

There is a great saying that goes; “take care of you for me and I will take care of me for you”.
Sometimes we need to be selfish to serve, we need to take time to look after ourselves so that we don’t break down and we can continue to look after our family for years to come.


At Epoch Lincoln one of the things we specialise in, is helping people become more ‘resistant’ to stress and ‘adaptable’ to change. We all know it is very difficult to take away the stress of daily life, and to just ‘chill out’ is easier said than done. That is why we focus on helping you adapt to the stresses and remove the pain so that you can cope with the stress, not change too much in your lifestyle and go on to happily and healthy serve your family for years to come.


If you want to find out more about what we do at Epoch and the mothers we work with, please visit our Facebook page, or why not come along to one of our free informative talks (children welcome) to find out how you can start helping yourself today. Our talks are every Tuesday evening and alternate Thursday lunchtimes, bring a friend and see what you can learn.

Yours in Health

Dr Tom


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