Simple By Nature offers a unique blend of expertise and family centred care for women, families and babies. Services available include antenatal classes, breast feeding/bottle feeding help and advice and baby massage classes.




Simple By Nature has been created by Val Allen. Val’s passion comes from both personal and practical experiences and is driven by her desire to assist women in achieving the healthiest pregnancy and the best birth experience possible, while being open and honest to give realistic expectations.

She believes that with good education and understanding, women can achieve great things for themselves and their families and because Val is independent, she has the expertise as well as the time to dedicate to each client on a personal level.



Early Antenatal Classes:

Simple By Nature provides a tailored service for women, babies and families offering early antenatal classes to equip mothers to be for the coming months of pregnancy and the changes they are likely to experience. Classes are available from 12-20 weeks.

Antenatal Classes:

Antenatal classes provide a venue where expectant mothers can learn and prepare for the last few weeks of their pregnancy, labour, birth and the first weeks with their baby. Available from 28 weeks.


Val is a qualified midwife and therefore able to offer up to date, relevant information and advice regarding your choices and the care you should expect to receive.


Feeding Help and Advice:

Being a qualified midwife and a mother who has been on both sides of the infant feeding debate Val can offer impartial advice and information and support to enable you to make a fully informed choice that is right for you and your family.

Baby Massage Classes:

Baby massage classes are a fabulous way to learn about your baby and find new ways to communicate with each other. Baby massage can help with lots of common problems such as dry skin, restlessness, trapped wind, colic, and constipation. You will also learn the power of positive touch and how to help your baby to relax. Partners and siblings are welcome at all classes. These are available from birth.



*Calm and relax your baby
*Help them to sleep better
*Ease trapped wind, colic and constipation
*Scales always available to self weigh your baby
*All classes run by a former midwife
*Free post natal and feeding support
*Meet other new parents in a friendly environment
*Partners and older children always welcome

RAF Cranwell
Witham St Hughs
North Hykeham

Simple by Nature is based out of central Lincoln and can offer both group classes in the locations listed above and 1-1 classes for all of the above services in your own home. Val is flexible as regards to 1-1 classes which can be during the day, evening or even weekends with pre booking – if you would like to attend a class then please contact her to arrange. Discounts are also available if a package of classes are booked together. ie, antenatal and baby massage.
To find out more about Simple by Nature or to make a booking please contact Val at:

T: 07852283381



Twitter: Val Allen@simplebynature2