There are so many different ideas online about what to do with your kids during lockdown, it’s difficult to know where to start, but here are a few bits and pieces that I have tried with one or both of my children (age 6 and 11) that might help pass a few hours of one day away!



The new Nightingale hospitals are after  pictures and messages of Hope drawn by children to decorate the bare walls.
 These will be put up on the walls in the Nightingale Hospital to brighten the place up. At this awful time let’s bring some colour and hope to both patients and staff. Please ensure that pictures are A4 so they can be laminated for infection control purposes. If you can laminate them before sending to your regional hub PLEASE do! This saves a lot of work for those who are giving up time to do this. Feel free to draw as many as you like there are no restrictions on sharing the love! Also if you’d like to write a message of hope or get well wishes please feel free to!

When you’ve posted to your regional hub – they will then be lovingly collected and once there’s enough will be sent on to someone who will deliver them to the Nightingale Hospital.

Finally on a health and safety point – please adhere to all government guidelines and adhere to safe self distancing measures. Always wash or gel hands after handling post etc.

All pictures should be addressed to “Rainbows for Nightingale”

East Midlands
Rainbows for Nightingale
21 Fane Close

Yorkshire and Humberside
Rainbows for Nightingale
97 Doveside Drive
S73 9NW

No photo description available.




Partners International Bomber Command Centre are sending letters out to veterans. Just send yours to the address as below:



Bitesize is the BBC’s study support service for students, covering GCSE, KS3, KS1 and 2, Scottish Highers, Scottish Standard Grade, Scottish 1st and 2nd Level, National 4 and 5; Naiseanta 4 and 5, and Welsh TGAU. Some great activities and games for all ages – here are some examples:

5-7 yrs: Dinosaur Discovery! 🦕 –
7-11 yrs: Punctuation 🖊 –
11-14 yrs: Percentages 💯 –
14-16 yrs: Ratios ⚖️ –



The FSA (Football Supporters Association) have created a few worksheets for children to do whilst at home, specifically around football and what it means to be a supporter.

Hopefully these will help offering another creative and learning activity to add to your schedule. They are most appropriate for primary school age children, but can work as a prompt for ideas and writing topics for middle and secondary school children, too.

These can be found here



We have tried these nature hunts from Primary Playground, useful for getting out for your daily exercise!

Image may contain: nature, possible text that says 'BACKYARD SCAVENGER HUNT Find 3 kinds of leaves.. rimaryAmplaygrownd Find something yellow. Name a bug that is red. Find 2 sticks. Find something that smells good. Name something you see in the sky. Find something that is round. Find something that grows that is green. Find a bird. Find 3 different colored rocks. Find something purple. Find a bug.'Image may contain: flower and nature, possible text that says 'SPRING SCAVENGER HUNT Find a yellow flower. primar mary@.playgfrowd Find 3 different shaped leaves. Find something that is red. Find a spider web. Find something that flies Name 2 things you see in the sky. Find something that is long. Find something that grows that is green. Find 2 birds. Find some water. Find something purple. Find something that crawls.'

Image may contain: possible text that says 'NATURE SCAVENGER HUNT Find 4 pine cones. primBrgsulapnlsuggend Find something that is yellow. Find 2 tree stumps. Find a feather. Find a seed pod. Find 4 smooth rocks. Find a spider web with a spider on it. Find 3 mushrooms. Find a long stick. Find 2 things that can fly. Find 3 different sized green leaves. Find a dandelion weed. Blow a wish.'



A free activity that occupied us for quite some time!

No photo description available.



Join us everyday LIVE at 10am to take part in TUMBLE TOTS AT HOME with exciting exercises and amazing action songs!
OR catch up with us later on YouTube:


Partners the Music Tutor are doing bitesize piano lessons. Check out their page and below:

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