On a cold grey day in January of 2018, Kristen attended her first Hotpod Yoga class in Long Bennington.

When she got home, she phoned Hotpod HQ in London to find out how we could get a pod in Lincoln.

Six months later, Hotpod Yoga Lincoln opened its doors.

Hotpod Yoga Lincoln is a hot yoga studio that is situated in the middle of an industrial estate, surrounded by garages, electrical suppliers and chimney pots.  You might think it an unlikely space for a yoga studio, but owner Kristen Ingraham-Morgan thinks it’s perfect.  “Yoga belongs everywhere and it belongs to everyone.” she says, “Our studio is rough and ready, urban and yet welcoming.  There’s no mention of chakras and no chanting.  It’s yoga for ordinary people, in an extraordinary space.”  That extraordinary space is the pod, a giant inflatable that can hold 20 yogis and an instructor.  The inside of the pod glows a warm purple, and it’s heated to 38c, even on the coldest winter day.  The heat allows members to stretch deeper, as the warmth softens and relaxes muscles and connective tissue. “The pod is designed to be a completely immersive,” says Kristen, “the fans, the heat, the music, the fresh fragrance in the oil diffuser. Once you’re inside, you forget that you’re in a warehouse, forget that you’re stressed about work, forget about even the other people around you.  It’s meant to help you melt into your practice, literally and figuratively!”

The studio runs 18 classes per week, and the sessions are open to everyone and anyone, regardless of age, shape, size, or level of experience.  Mats and blocks are provided, all participants need to bring is a towel, a bottle of water, and a desire to sweat like they’ve never sweated!

Most of the members here had never done any yoga before they came here, and the owners of HPY Lincoln are proud to have an active membership that is almost 1/3 men.  They have hosted yoga sessions for members of Lincoln City FC and Lincoln Rugby FC along with private classes for Royal Mail and the Fire and Ambulance Services.

These sessions and their regular classes run back to back with Yoga for New Mums, a special class launched this November for mums who are returning to movement and fitness.  The yoga is for the mums, but babies aged 6 weeks to crawling are welcome in this warm-not-hot class, and the participants tell us there is nothing else like it available in Lincoln.

All bookings must be made online in advance at www.hotpodyoga.com/studios/lincoln.   For any questions, you can ring or email Kristen and her team on 01522 500 199 or lincoln@hotpodyoga.com

Hotpod Yoga Lincoln

19 Earlsfield Close

Lincoln LN6 3RT

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