A personalised approach to nutrition begins by understanding one’s goals. Everybody is different – one person might want to lose weight, while another may want to get better sleep or build muscle. Michelle Carroll is a local Wellness Coach who understands the journey so well. Having gone from a size 22 to a healthy size 12 she now helps people in the areas of health, wellbeing and weight management.

Her straightforward plan can be personalised to suit your needs along with her tips to help with long term success. Her straight talking no-nonsense approach to food is this, calories in calories out. However, smart calories are the best option. Goals paint a picture of what success looks like, and it’s important to step back and examine what we really want to achieve. Michelle loves to help her clients to do this. Her healthy eating nutrition plan is simple, yummy and focuses on packing vitamins, minerals and essential nutrients into your day rather than cutting out any food groups.

Michelle will guide and support you on a personalised plan in relation to your health, wellness and nutritional goals. Just because kale is the superfood of the moment, doesn’t mean you have to choke it down if you can’t stand the taste – she is keen on variety and will find another leafy green that you like instead. There is always a swap it around solution! There’s nothing magical about kale – there are plenty of other greens that offer up a similar nutritional profile. What really matters is the overall quality of your diet. With so many healthy foods out there, there’s no shortage of items to pick and choose from. Simply find the ones you like and build these foods into your everyday lifestyle and diet.

Michelle offers her personal expertise to support you with regular meals and snacks, you’ve got 4 or 5 opportunities every single day to nourish your body properly – and to feel great as a result. And, with her knowledge and the right tools, she aims to help you find your own way to a leaner, lighter, stronger and healthier you!

She has helped lots of members of the local community to feel amazing and will be delighted to support you in 2020. Get in touch.

Call on 07415 125 485

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MichelleCarrollWellbeing

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